The authenticity of Bombay Zone’s food isn’t just because of the ingredients we use, but because it was made by true Mumbaikars. The owners of this fine establishment, Priyanka and Dharmesh grew up within the streets of Bombay and being raised surrounded by all the rich street food, Priyanka and Dharmesh naturally became real foodies. They spent most of their lives trying all the unique food the city had to offer, cooking the very same dishes in their own home, and sharing it with the rest of their friends and family. They have a passion to eat, a passion to cook, and a passion to share. It’s with these passions that they decided they wanted to cook not just for their loved ones, but for the city they called their second home: Toronto.

Bombay. The city that greets its visitors with so much warmth that they themselves feel so at home. It is said that once you Bombaya, you are always a Bombaya. In Bombay, people never go hungry because no matter the time of day, you’ll always find someone to feed you on the street. In Bombay, people never get bored because no matter the time of day, you’ll always find something to do or another site to see. And it is because of Bombay that we opened up our restaurant, Bombay Zone. With a love for Bombay and what it has to offer, we knew that we had to share it with those who can’t visit the bustling city themselves. So with Bombay Zone, we bring to you the best street food the world has to offer and the rich uniqueness that the city, Bombay, has to offer.